January 09, 2015

How to add meta description on blogger home page as well as individual blog posts

Meta description is really important from the SEO point of view.Meta description gives the details about the contents of the page to the search engine spiders or web crawlers.

So its really crucial to have them on you individual posts so that whenever your page appears on google result then it shows what your page or blog is about.

Important information is contained in the meta description.So here are the steps to add and display meta description on your blogger blogspot blog.

step 1 Go to your blogger dashboard

step 2 Navigate to Settings › Search preferences

step 3 Under Meta tags section click on edit link situated infront of description

step 4 An option will show up like Enable search description? click yes

step 5 After clicking yes, a textarea appears.This is the space to enter the meta description for homepage.

step 6 Click save changes.

Images below show you exactly how it all look like.

meta description setting for homepage in blogger blogspot blog

Now when you head back to any of your post for editing or creating a new post you'll see an additional option called Search description.This option is provided to add meta description for individual posts.

meta description setting for a post in blogger blogspot blog

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