January 08, 2015

Blogspot SEO - Crucial tips for blogger users

You are a blogger and you have something useful to share with this world.You want to share it because you have tried something and want to give insights to other people so that they can also benefit from it.

The intention of sharing such knowledge with others is a joy in itself.But what if you are blogging for weeks or months but no one is noticing what you've posted? This can be discouraging for you.

In order to reach your potential audience you need to focus on other crucial part and that is SEO or search engine optimisation.There are alot of factors that goes into seo and marketing your website or blog.

In this post I'll specifically provide you some useful information about how to optimize your blogger blog so that you can get some attention from people who are looking for it.

Before diving deep into blogspot seo I would like to acknowledge the fact that I probably know why you chose blogger over other blogging platforms that are out there.Yes I am mainly talking about wordpress.

I want to assure you that after spending so much time online reading articles after articles ,watching videos after videos and doing research I have found that it is really possible for a blogspot blog to rank higher in search engines.

I have created a special post  just for why choosing blogger over wordpress if you are a beginner can be good idea.

Now lets get right into where to start optimising your blogspot blog.I have listed out the main points while starting out optimising your blog which are as follows:

Optimize homepage

All of it begins with the homepage.Its the first impression that everyone (obviously) and google crawlers sees.So its the most fundamental page to focus on.

To optimize your homepage you need to check how many posts are listed on it.By default blogger blog shows 7 posts on the home page.You can change it according to your needs.I would recommend you to list 5 to 7 posts especially if your blog loads slow.

By decreasing the number of posts on your homepage you can boost page load speed for your blog if you have some heavy images , widgets or custom javascript on your blog posts.

Optimize individual posts

Next thing to consider is going to each and individual blog post and optimizing it to make it reader friendly also keeping in mind to add relavant keywords in search description( or in other words meta description).

Search description is what shows up when your post get listed on search result page of google.To learn how to change metadescription for you blogspot blog you can check out my post here.

See your blogger blog as others see it in google

You can go to google and type in site:yoursitename.By typing this in google you can check which pages or posts of your blog are indexed by google.

From there you can check for various things that you need to tweak in order to rank better and optimize your blog.

For example you can check how your post title or meta description is showing up in google.There are particular guide lines to follow when doing SEO for your blog and you need to pay careful attention to these details.

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